THE 4 Es

Eric is committed to improving the lives of people in Pinellas County, the State of Florida, and the country through empathetic, passionate and pragmatic leadership. Federal policy issues affecting everyday lives are complicated and doing the right thing takes courage, but Eric is well-qualified to make those consequential decisions and help our community.


We face a climate crisis that is as dire as it is preventable. False denials fail because the evidence is obvious and tragic. We continue to witness increasingly larger and more frequent storms and more severe forest fires out west. We must face this crisis head-on and immediately address the ways we are damaging our planet. There is no future if we do not reverse the effects of climate change, protect our wildlife, waterways and ecosystems, and implement greener practices across industry.

Reverse Damage to Our Ecosystem

Pinellas County and and the rest of coastal Florida face a recurring Red Tide that kills millions of fish and has rippling effects through our entire ecosystem. We must invest federal resources through the Environmental Protection Agency to investigate these phenomena and other threats to our ecosystem and implement policies to reverse the effects. We know many of the root causes of such pollution and must hold the polluters accountable.

Preventing another Piney Point

In Congress, Eric Lynn will draft and file legislation that requires the Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency to oversee and approve plans for toxic chemical storage facilities such as Piney Point. Eric’s professional background and experience working on national security, and thus with the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as his role in crafting the Everglades Restoration Act makes him uniquely qualified to draft, pass, and implement this legislation.

Invest in A Renewable Future

Saving the planet is not just the right thing to do, it’s also an enormous investment in our economy. Eric will work to fund green infrastructure projects that will create jobs while lowering our environmental impact. New safety and emission standards will reduce greenhouse gasses while improving products for consumers. We can save the planet and improve our quality of life at the same time.

Address the Climate Crisis

The oceans are rising, hurricanes are getting stronger, Red Tide continues to impact our beaches, and global warming is worsening. Our policies tend to put bandages on the symptoms reactively, and now it’s time for us to address the root causes of these issues proactively. Eric will support bold initiatives to fight the climate crisis and ensure that our community is not negatively affected by past policy shortfalls.

Provide Environmental Justice

People of color and people in lower-income areas are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change. We must work to equalize environmental protections and offer assistance to those who must change their lives to account for environmental changes.


Our economy doesn’t work for everyone. Working families struggle just to get by while the economic gap increases due to companies exploiting workers with the goal of higher profits. As a Member of Congress, Eric will fight to create economic opportunity for everyone to help people achieve the American Dream.

COVID-19 Recovery

The pandemic has taken so much from so many. Small businesses are still struggling to get back on their feet. People are being forced from their homes because of pandemic-caused job and wage loss. We need to continue to support the American people while providing them with the tools to get through this pandemic and forge a path of economic stability.

Fight for $15

No one should remain impoverished while working a full-time job. The federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour has not increased or changed since 2009 and is not a livable wage. It should be immediately raised to $15 per hour. As the economy grows, we should create new standards that automatically increase the minimum wage to match minimum cost of living standards. Eric fought for $15 years ago when it was far less popular and now is the time to bring this over the finish line. We can’t let more people suffer by delaying common sense increases to a living wage.

Expand Healthcare, Any Way We Can

A person’s health is sacred, and no one should go bankrupt just to get high-quality healthcare. This pandemic showed us the risk of relying on employment for health insurance, and it’s time to make strides to guarantee affordable healthcare for everyone. Eric will work to continue to fight for coverage for all, through improving the Affordable Care Act and working towards the best federal solution for affordability and universal coverage, exploring the effective options to achieve these goals.

Protect and expand Social security

Once again, Republicans like Senator Rick Scott have announced a plan to gut Social Security. This is unacceptable. Social Security is a critical program our seniors have paid into their entire lives, and they’ve earned the support it provides. In Congress, Eric will not only oppose any legislation that threatens Social Security but will fight to improve it by increasing benefits across the board, improving benefits for widows and widowers so they are no longer penalized for having two incomes, repealing the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset so benefits are no longer reduced for public servants like our teachers, ending the 5-month waiting period, provide caregiver credits, and extending Social Security dependent benefits.  

Investing in Our Community

This year, Congress is passing groundbreaking legislation that will fund local projects and reinvigorate our economy. It’s essential that these federal government spending plans include funding for local projects in Pinellas County. As a Member of Congress, Eric will use his proven experience and political insight to bring funding to our community, create jobs, and improve our public services.

Equality & Equity

Equality and equity are not just goals, they are an ongoing mission that must be constantly considered in every policy action. The American Dream should be accessible to all people, and our laws must remove discrimination, bigotry, and political attacks from the equation.

Gender Equality and Reproductive Rights

It is outrageous and inexcusable that in 2021 a woman is still paid 70 cents on the dollar of the same job as men. Eric will continue to fight for equal pay and against gender discrimination in the workplace. Florida’s Republican legislative leaders have already indicated their intention to copy Texas’ ultra-restrictive abortion laws, which would essentially nullify Roe v. Wade’s protections for Florida’s residents. It is essential that Congress codify choice and abortion rights into federal law, because we can no longer rely on the Supreme Court to enforce such protections. Eric will fight for legislation that includes federal review of state-level restrictions to ensure women across the country maintain the right to make their own healthcare decisions.

Protect Voting Rights

In recent years, Republicans have acted more brazenly in their attempts to limit and suppress voting rights for people of color. Eric will fight to pass revamped protections for voting rights to ensure that all Americans are able to make their voices heard. He will also fight to create universal non-partisan gerrymandering requirements so that voters can choose their representatives rather than representatives choosing their voters.

Ban Discrimination in All Forms

It’s unconscionable that in the 21st Century, the United States still does not ban discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Across the country, racial discrimination still prevents people of color from receiving equitable opportunities throughout their lives. Eric was proud to work with the Obama Pentagon leadership to end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and ensure no one was prevented from serving our country because of who they love. Eric will fight for reforms aimed at providing a better life for all Americans, putting an end to the legal discrimination that many Americans face today.

Reform the Criminal Justice System

The War on Crime has incentivized unfair targeting of Black and brown communities, and disproportionately affects people of color. Eric will work to reform our sentencing standards, invest in rehabilitation not just incarceration, and incentivize modern police practices to create better community relationships. Importantly, Eric supports sentencing review for prior marijuana related convictions.


If we want our children to have limitless opportunities, we need to invest in their futures. It’s time to make essential reforms to our education system that will empower teachers, uplift students, and prepare future generations of leaders to change the world.

Increase School Funding

As a father with children in Pinellas Public Schools and a graduate of St. Pete High, Eric has seen the shortfalls of our education system firsthand, but those issues center on the lack of funding support for our schools, not the hardworking teachers and administrators. Florida is ranked 43rd in the amount we invest in our schools per student. We must increase federal funding to our school systems and adjust state requirements to raise teacher pay, improve education standards, and create better opportunities for students in low-income regions.

Expand Universal Pre-School

Early education has been proven to be a defining factor to maximize every child’s potential. Unfortunately, pre-school is often only available to families that can afford those opportunities. Eric has served on the Early Learning Coalition Board for years and is a strong supporter of President Biden’s plans to expand universal pre-school to offer early education to all children across the country. Investing in these programs lays the foundation for educational success and creates long term economic and quality of life benefits that will last for generations.

Invest in Our Schools

While individual states and school districts oversee the specific practices within our schools, the federal government has an opportunity to be an active voice in improving education. The 21st Century requires a new set of skills, and our schools are lagging. Eric will fight for further investments in school infrastructure and construction funding to ensure all students have a safe environment in which to learn and forge a better path for our future to be able to compete in the global market.





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