NEW POLL: Eric Lynn Beating Anna Luna 45/43 in FL-13

Poll conducted by Binder research has Democratic nominee Eric Lynn winning FL-13.

St. Petersburg, FL – A new poll from David Binder research shows Eric Lynn beating likely Republican nominee Anna Luna 45/43 in the FL-13 race. 

Most importantly, among critical unaffiliated voters, Lynn led Luna by a wide margin, 47% to 35%.

This is unsurprising considering recent polling from the Lynn campaign showed a path to 52 percent for the Pinellas native against Luna.

A key difference between the polls is timing. Lynn’s was conducted before the overturning of Roe, Binder Research’s poll was done after. 

But, both polls share other similarities as well, most notably showing that Lynn’s moderate views are much more aligned with the district than Luna, whose views are far too extreme for Pinellas county. 

In the Binder research poll, voters polled expressed strong support for a candidate “who will keep politicians and the government out of people’s personal decisions on abortion and who they marry,” with 78% of voters supporting this candidate and only 14% opposing.

In Lynn’s internal polling, voters found his stance on women’s reproductive rights, health care, and his overall economic vision as very convincing reasons to vote for him at 40%, 33%, and 31% respectively. 

In contrast, Luna’s personal extreme views raise serious doubts with voters. 59% of FL-13 voters think abortion should be legal, yet Luna thinks abortion should be illegal – including rape and incest – and this view raises major doubts with 44% of voters. Her extreme positions on guns and the economy also raise major doubts with 41% of voters separately. 

In short, both polls – internal and external – highlight what voters on the ground have been saying for some time: Eric Lynn is the only candidate in the FL-13 race that understands Pinellas values, and will be ready to fight for them and deliver results on day one. 

“As a hometown kid and native of Pinellas county, I am not surprised at all that voters find Anna Luna’s views extreme and concerning,” said Eric Lynn. “The people of Pinellas have never been an extreme community – right or left – and have always preferred middle-of-the-road moderate candidates who understand the kitchen table issues, and know how to deliver. That’s the candidate I am, and the Congressman I’ll be. On day one, I’ll be ready to deliver on middle-class tax cuts, the support and services our veterans need, and protecting our environment. It’s what the people want, and I look forward to working for them in Washington.” 

“Anna Luna has always cared more about the support of the former defeated President and his family than the people of Pinellas,” said Campaign Manager Andrew Bernucca. “That’s why she continues to support and spread the big lie and harbor views that are unpopular because they would be damaging to women, seniors, veterans, and so many others in Pinellas county. FL-13 needs honest and trustworthy leadership that will fight against extremes on both sides of the aisle to deliver common sense results. Eric Lynn is that candidate, and Anna Luna is not.”

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