What voters want to hear

Persuasion voters – women, moderates, and independents aged 50+ who turnout to vote and voters aged 18-54 who turnout to vote – need to see and hear in their homes and on the go that Eric Lynn is running for Congress to help families deal with the rising cost of living, to cut taxes on working families, to increase support for small businesses, and to stand up to corporations who refuse to pay their fair share. Unlike other candidates, Eric Lynn is a moderate, honest and trustworthy leader who will fight for our veterans, stand up to special interests and be a champion for working families and seniors in Congress by working with Democrats and Republicans alike. 

  • Lynn is a strong supporter of women’s reproductive rights, which is why in Congress he will fight to pass legislation that guarantees a woman’s right to choose. 
  • Lynn will stand up to Republicans’ reckless plans to kick people off their current insurance and increase premiums. Instead, he will work to further expand affordable health care access and reduce costs by ensuring Medicare can negotiate for lower prescription drug costs

Persuasion voters need to see and hear – in their homes and on the go – that Anna Luna is an extremist for hire, and out of touch with Pinellas county. Luna has celebrated the harshest abortion laws in the nation and has gone as far as saying “abortions are not healthcare,” and self-identifying as a “pro-life extremist.” If elected she will join Republicans in Congress who support a tax plan that would raise taxes on millions of Americans, phase out Social Security and Medicare, and will side with pharmaceutical companies. Lastly, Luna supports guns over children, saying she’s against gun-free zones around schools and supports the carry of dangerous firearms on school campuses. She’s even gone as far as opposing red flag laws which keep domestic abusers and people with mental illnesses from having firearms. Luna also sided with partisan extremists over 80,000 Pinellas veterans by announcing she opposes the PACT Act.

Mobilization voters of all demographics that have sporadic midterm vote history and are Registered Democrats, or that have strong Democratic partisanship scores, need to read about what’s at stake in this election, with an emphasis on Anna Paulina Luna’s statement calling environmental policies “a flaming pile of garbage” and that Luna has self-identified as a “pro-life extremist,” has celebrated the harshest abortion laws in the nation and has gone as far as saying “abortions are not healthcare.” 

In contrast, voters also need to read about how Eric Lynn is a Pinellas native who knows climate change is already having a tremendous impact on our coast and continues to threaten our children’s future. In Congress, he will work toward more clean energy like solar and wind, and protect our water by opposing drilling off the coast and holding corporate polluters accountable. And Lynn will fight to pass legislation in Congress that guarantees a woman’s right to choose.