Eric Lynn Releases Statement on Veterans Day

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — In honor of Veterans Day, Eric Lynn, candidate for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, released the following statement:

“Our service members have made untold sacrifices to keep our country safe and ensure we can maintain the American way of life. 
My time in President Obama’s Department of Defense offered me the opportunity to work closely with many members of the military and see firsthand the issues they and their families face while in the service and after departure or retirement. We are not doing enough to honor our heroes when they come home, and we need leaders in Florida and Washington D.C. who will put politics aside to help every service member and their families achieve the American Dream.”

Eric Lynn dedicated his career in St. Petersburg to helping veterans and their families. He set up a new system to help active service members with a little known challenge: buying a home for their families. Laws and regulations require that if a married couple is purchasing a home, both spouses needed to sign the paperwork in person, which proved very difficult for those serving overseas. 

The program Eric spearheaded allows service members, veterans and their spouses to each sign securely online, previously not allowed here in Florida. This has helped Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines so that their spouses can move into their new homes without further delay. 

Eric is also proud to serve as a Veteran Advocate in Pinellas County, helping veterans on a pro-bono basis with advocacy for benefits, healthcare, and other needs. 

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