Eric Lynn Applauds Ruling in Florida School Mask Mandate Case

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — Eric Lynn, congressional candidate for Florida’s 13th District and Former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, applauds Judge Cooper’s ruling to block Governor DeSantis’s executive order banning mask mandates in schools. School Districts are allowed to require masks and ensure student safety in schools. Lynn is the only FL-13 candidate who is also a parent sending his children to Pinellas County Public Schools, giving him a unique perspective on the current debate.

“As a parent and someone who cares deeply about the health and safety of this community, I will sleep a little sounder tonight. This ruling is a step in the right direction. Our local school boards know far better how to serve our students and teachers in this crisis. Now, it’s time for Pinellas School Board Members to do what’s right for our community and kids and pass a mask mandate in school.”

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