Meet Eric
Presidential advisor, national security expert, family man, small business owner

Eric Lynn is a Pinellas County Native who graduated from St. Petersburg High School. His family taught him to value service, sacrifice, and family, pillars that have guided his entire life. From an early age, Eric was inspired by local and national leaders to change the world through community work and political engagement.

He graduated from St Pete High, then Northwestern University with a degree in international relations and immediately dedicated himself to public service, working in the US Congress as a Legislative Assistant and Director while earning his law degree from Georgetown Law School. His formative time working in Washington gave him invaluable early exposure to the lawmaking process and the opportunity to work on meaningful environmental protection legislation that he would apply to his career for years to come.

In 2007, a little-known Senator named Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President, and Eric was inspired by Obama’s thoughtful, intelligent message and hopeful energy. He was one of the first 40 people to join Obama’s historic campaign, helping shape Obama’s national security policy platform. Eric worked tirelessly to help President Obama win in 2008.

Eric was appointed by the President to serve as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense in the Obama Administration. During six years of service at the Pentagon, Eric advised three Secretaries of Defense, working to make our world a safer and more peaceful place. He was proud to fight for equality, working to end the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy of the U.S. Military that discriminated against servicemembers for who they love.

During his tenure, Eric made more than 50 overseas trips with Defense Secretaries and senior military leadership, including working with the U.S. Military on the Obama Administration’s Middle East Peace Mission. While abroad, Eric met with heads of state and military leadership throughout the world to combat terrorism, discourage radicalism, promote peace, and coordinate with our allies on national security.

Eric was the Pentagon’s lead official on the Iron Dome Project, a life-saving defensive system that uses innovative technology to protect civilians from rocket fire. This system has protected countless civilians in southern Israel from terrorist attacks and continues to protect others, including US troops, around the globe. The Bush Administration had rejected development, but Eric personally and diligently worked to resurrect the project and brought it to the attention of the Secretary of Defense and President Obama, urging U.S. support. It has been called the most effective rocket-defense system the world has ever seen and has saved thousands of lives over the last decade.

In the time since, Eric has lent his national security and international relations expertise to continue making our world and our community a better place. He also serves on the Early Learning Coalition Board of Pinellas County and was appointed to the International Relations Committee of the City of St Petersburg. An advocate for veterans, Eric helps veterans and their families with housing issues in his free time and is a Board Member of the Federation of Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Now, Eric Lynn is running for Congress to apply expertise and dedication in support of his community. He is a proven leader with the knowledge and mindset necessary to represent the people of Pinellas County.

Eric and his wife, Tracy, live in St. Petersburg with their three children and dog, Cooper.